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BAF come again!

Them think me gone! Them think me gone! Them think me gone! Me come again. Man it's like a storm!
I was just taking a breeze. Just to give me forum bredren them a eaze.

Good to see BAF back. Guessing the work with syncing databases is still going on.
Good to see BAF is coming back!
Can it really be?

kinda smacks of a lost porn site though, I have to say.

but if we are back on line, that is pretty fantastic!

one love
finally...what a nice early christmas present!
Greetings BBaffers ... Thx to who so resuscitate the new & improved site
And thx Bill for the heads-up

It's A Good Day to preserve authentic reggae Old School stylee ... The forum format
has a simplicity of use and a topic focus that the Facebook nah have.  

RIP Rock in Powah Pat Kelly ... him graduate to the Spirit World during the interim B&F flat.
He a brother me never get a chance to cross path with & now this mortal life pass so fast.  We
can't live with regrets but I wish i would have made the effort to tracks him just to shake
his hand.  Curtis Mayfield too  Smile

reggaematic acrobatic lift up all luvocratic
greetings all

Good to be back!

early christmas gift!
What is this i see... was just looking for an old thread i did when i came across this new blue and white forum, hope someone saved the database, nice to see someone continuing, i prefer a forum to FB which can get messy and difficult to navigate at times.
looking forward to the arkives come back with proper search functionality this time round i hope ;o)

(pls get some emoji's for us, THNX :o)
Old time something come back again !
Nice to be there... let's hope the database will be uploaded but I won't hold my breath....
Looking forward

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