[MIXTAPE] Conscious Dancehall In Lagos

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[MIXTAPE] Conscious Dancehall In Lagos

Postby DeepSelector » Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:06 pm

Hi All , i just finish my last Mixtape , strictly 80's/early 90's Digital reggae made in nigeria



Back in the 80's / early 90's in Nigeria there was a very interesting music scene , every genere was reinterpreted with a typical African touch , Reggae Aswell! So here's a little (1hr) mix of typical "Deep" Digital reggae made in Nigeria , there's a mixture of styles from Rub a Dub to Digi-Roots to Dancehall , All made from early 80's till early 90's , strictly LP business - hand mixed by Rootikalis with no edits so please forive the mixing mistakes.
That's the 1st of a long list of TROPIC DISCO CREW Mixtapes , so please subscribe the page to hear more of our selections! One Love
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