Is Racism Worse Than Ever?

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Re: Is Racism Worse Than Ever?

Postby Novice » Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:51 pm

Ranking Glasses wrote:Or is it simply that some people think their race is superior to others?

Yes they may believe that, but that would be an "end stage" symptom of what my theory is suggesting. Cancer symptoms may progressively get worse but the worse the symptoms get, it does not change what the cancer is or is going to do or make it any worse or better, it just means the symptoms of the same cancer have progressed and gotten worse. Looking only at the symptoms without knowing anything else one might incorrectly conclude that this cancer is worse or not as bad or whatever but they would be mistaken, except in identifying that the symptom is worse at one particular stage versus another.

Yes they believe they are superior that is a much worse symptom than unconsciously clutching your purse when you see a black man walking by but if you dissect the reason all the way down you would eventually get to either the person believing the black man is a lower form because of what they "do" based on the imagination/interpretation of the biased person and subsequently that they are above (ie superior) to the black man.

None of the evidence will ever point to a rational or logical argument EVER, it's always feeling and emotion. A black Harvard graduate who is a brain surgeon part time and a lawyer the other half will not be seen as superior to the die hard racist they will still be black therefor lower and that makes no sense based on any quantifiable measure of intelligence, superiority or whatever, it's simply down to arbitrary color white versus black. Still need more evidence of the uselessness of any debate really...this guys white, a supremesist, a KKK member, the whole lot for his whole life, then a DNA test reveals he's got black blood and now he's ostrasized by the other's laughable if it wasn't so ridiculous and how do you fix that kind of stupid?? Evolution and extinction, sorry to say but we just have to wait and keep making sure laws are in place to force people not to DO things aren't allowed, not think or say but DO, and eventually hundreds of years down the road maybe it won't matter anymore.

Until then we're going to have to be happy with the racist hillbilly redneck hay for brains to be listening to hip hop at least cause well you know, it's a start I suppose.....

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