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Picture of cover for Max Romeo - Open The Iron Gate 1973 - 1977

Max Romeo
Open The Iron Gate 1973 - 1977

Max's 1975 masterpiece 'Revelation Time' forms the core of this revolutionary album. This reissue adds 4 bonus tracks such as the ultra-rare 'Valley Of Jehosaphat' and the epic 12" mix of 'Melt Away'. Produced by Max Romeo .

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 Every Man Ought To Know Sample! 

1Every Man Ought To Know
2Revelation Time / Hammer and Sickle
3No Peace
5Blood Of The Prophet Parts 1 & 2
6Warning Warning / Version
7A Quarter Pound of Incense
8Three Blind Mice
9Open The Iron Gate Parts 1 & 2
10Valley of Jehosaphat / Version
11Fire Fe The Vatican
12Melt Away (12" Version)

What the press say:

Making his debut in 1967, round about the time when Max Smith was cannily changing his name to Max Romeo, he recorded at Black Ark studios, his musician roll-call including Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Carlton Barrett, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Lee Perry and Tommy McCook. Romeo's early lightweight material was soon superseded by socially and politically aware themes. Revelation Time / Hammer & Sickle stands strong against dreadlock trimming in prison, Warning warning / Version spits on all moneyed fatcats, while No Peace has a direct openess to the vocal, typical of Romeo's airy, deft delivery. He has a knack for picking out unlikely melodies, nailing them to the heart of each tune. Also, the tagged-on Fire Fe The Vatican and Melt Away are certainly not to be taken lightly. Martin Langley, Q Magazine (UK)

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