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Picture of cover for Horace Andy - Good Vibes

Horace Andy
Good Vibes

10 tough disco mixes - vocal and dub - with Horace at the peak of his late 70's form. Includes the epic 'Mr Bassie' and 'Pure Ranking'.

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 Pure Ranking (Discomix) Sample! 

1Reggae Rhythm (It's Gone Internationally)
2Serious Thing (A Serious Version)
3Skylarking (A Better Version)
4Youths of Today (Jah Youths)
5Don't Let Problems Get You Down (No Problem)
6Mr. Bassie (Discomix)
7Pure Ranking (Discomix)
8Good Vibes (Dub Vibes)
9Control Yourself (Version Under Control)
10Ital Vital (Ital Ites Dubwise)

What the press say:

This is Horace's second album for Blood and Fire (In The Light being the other) and differs in that rather than being a straight reissue, it's a compilation of classic tracks from 1975 - 1980, when the singer began the transition from freelance studio vocalist to producer in his own right. "Reggae Rhythm" for little-known label Trio International makes for a great opener with its stubborn b-line, flailing cymbals and blaring horns. "Serious Thing" (written by Johm Holt), former Studio One hit "Skylarking" and "Pure Ranking" were all produced by Bunny Lee and are the 12-inch versions; the latter mixed by Prince Jammy at Tubby's studio in 1978 and blowing the album cut clean out of the proverbial water. His voice had a keener edge to it in those days. He's still a brilliant singer today of course, but his earlier purity of tone has to be felt as much as heard. He uses his voice as musicians would an instrument, and the emotion he puts into some of these songs is heart-rending. Listen to the haunting "Youths Of Today" and you'll get the drift. It's as if all the sorrows of modern society were channeled into that weeping, half-strangulated wail; his pleading and cajoling eerily floating over bruising drum and bass. Like the cuts to his epochal "Don't Let Problems Get You Down" and "Mr Bassie" included here, this track was produced by the late Everton DaSilva. Again all are discomix in length, and vital purchases for any serious Andy fan. With Blood and Fire's usual attention to presentation, mastering and promotion, this latest package really can't be faulted. John Masouri, Echoes, 23 August 1997

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