20th December 2004

Full downloads have been suspended due to bandwidth problems. We are currently working on a solution. Please see The discussion board for full details.

29th November 2004

The new site has been a year in the making and is a complete rebuild from the ground up. New graphics, new navigation systems, new high quality audio samples and full tracks, more robust and reliable code, new discussion board etc etc...

A great deal of effort has been taken to ensure that the Blood and Fire look and feel has been retained while adding in colour and many many new features, plus improvements on old favorites.

The Discussion Board:

The new discussion board is based on the highly regarded phpBB system and will require registration.

We have thought long and hard about making registration on the discussion board compulsory and there are two main reasons, one to hopefully discourage the undesirable elements that ultimately led to the closure of the last discussion board and two, so that we can make the Blood and Fire experience much more interactive and personal for you. Here are some of the new features:

Message formatting with various font styles and sizes as well as allowing quoting, code display, image posting and automatic URL linking Polls can be simply added to posts Email notification of replies to your topics Powerful topic subscription capability Original emoticons to portray emotions Member list and Profiles for all members

There is a private messaging system so that you can communicate privately with other members of the Blood and Fire site without anyone else being able to read what you say or revealing your email address should you wish to keep this private.

Registration automatically adds you to our mailing list so that you can be sure of never missing another release or important event again. We appreciate that junk mail is a real problem - we hate it too - and we promise that any occasional mail we send will be one you *will* want to receive.

All registered users will be able to access full track downloads from each release on the web site. That's 45 full tracks of some of the finest dub and reggae in the world completely free to all registered users. We hope that you will spend the time waiting for the downloads reading about the releases and maybe find something new that you will enjoy.

As bandwidth is not cheap there are limits to the number of downloads we can make available for free, we also expect an initial 'rush' to download; if you experience difficulties in the first few days, please be patient and come back when things quieten down a little.

Sorry the tracks are not available as a bulk download.

The Online Shop:

Of course all our releases are available to purchase through the web site and while the ordering process is slightly different (better we hope) it should still be as easy to use as the previous shopping cart. It is also possible to specify a different delivery address from the billing address... a much requested feature now in place!!

It is perfectly possible to navigate around the site adding items, changing quantities, removing items; your order will be kept as long as you keep your browser window open.

Tee shirts are available in the merchandise section.

Technical Notes:

Allowing cookies is an essential requirement for the web site to work, we do not use cookies to track your movements or any for other insidious purpose, simply to make things easy for you. We do not store any information about who you are, what you do or anything, unless of course you register and then you can see exactly what information we are storing.

The new web site should now work with all browsers; many people have experienced problems with various browsers over the last year or so. These problems should now be a thing of the past.

Steps have also been taken towards making the site as accessible as possible; we realise that music should be available to everyone regardless of ability or disability, and while we may not have it exactly right we are keen to work with anyone who has difficulties accessing our site with a view towards resolving any problems.