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Picture of cover for Johnny Clarke - Dreader Dread 1976 - 1978

Johnny Clarke
Dreader Dread 1976 - 1978

The first ever all-culture set from the doyen of dancehall singers, these definitive Bunny Lee productions - steppers, flyers and rockers-style - catch the original Mr Clarke at the height of his awsomely dread powers.

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 Age Is Growing Sample! 

1Top Ranking [I'm The Toughest]
2In The Roots Of The Ghetto
3Live Up Jah Man
4Love Up Your Brothers And Sisters [extended]
5African People
6Dread A Dread
7Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked
8African Roots [extended]
9Roots Natty
10Every Knee Shall Bow [extended]
11Play Fool Fe Get Wise [extended]
12Age Is Growing
13Time Will Tell

What the press say:

A compilation of material by one of the great unsung Jamaican vocalists. Johnny Clarke was immensely popular in his day, though he never achieved the success of Dennis Brown or Gregory Isaacs. This set, drawn from tracks recorded between 1976 and 1978, is a powerful selection of Clarke songs, setting his voice against the crunching bass lines and pinging cymbals of producer Bunny Lee. Some of the material was turned into hallucinatory dubs by King Tubby, but this set is about the force and soulfulness of Clarke's voice. It deals in classic rasta themes with a Babylon-pulverising energy, Clarke's weighty tones redolent with conviction. Will Montgomery, What's On (UK), 4 November 1998

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