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King Tubby
Freedom Sounds In Dub

Compiled from Bertram Brown's Freedom Sounds label this collection features dub versions of some of the heaviest roots recordings of the seventies, including 'Ethiopian Version' (Rod Taylor's 'Ethiopian Kings') and 'Empty Vessel Dub' (Prince Alla's 'Bucket Bottom'), together with King Tubby's crowning achievement, the earth shattering 'Great Stone'.

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1Ethiopian Version
2Leaving Babylon Dub
3Dub The Right Way
4Salty Dub
5Seaview Corner Rocking
6Dub Of Righteousness
7Great Stone
8Empty Vessel Dub
9Israelite Children Dub
10East Avenue Skank
11Tinsen Pen Dub
12King Tubby's Key
13Jah Is Coming In Dub
14Confusing Dub
15Top Line Special

What the press say:

This is one of two more splendid re-issues from Blood & Fire which outline the progress of Jamaican dub technique from its inception at the hands of genius engineer Osbourne Ruddock, aka King Tubby. The set comprises dub mixes Tubby did for producer Bertram Brown's Freedom Sounds label, featuring the Soul Syndicate session crew working with roots singers such as Prince Alla, Earl Zero and Philip Frazer, who must have counted themselves lucky to retain one or two lines on a track before Tubby completely revised the internal architecture of the music according to his own sense of space. Andy Gill - The Independent, June '96