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Picture of cover for The Abyssinians and Friends - The Tree of Satta Vol 1

The Abyssinians and Friends
The Tree of Satta Vol 1

If any one song can lay claim to the title 'definitive reggae anthem', then it is 'Satta Massa Gana' recorded in 1969 at Studio One by the Abyssinians. This release presents the original vocal trio classic, alongside 19 more 'versions' that reveal the song in all its multi-faceted glory. Featuring 70s cuts from Big Youth, Prince Far I and Tommy McCook, alongside newly-voiced pieces from contemporary artists Capleton, Luciano and Anthony B and veterans like Dean Fraser and Ernest Ranglin. This tree has the deepest roots, from then till now!

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 Natural Black - Its A Joy (3:36) Sample! 

1The Abyssinians - Satta Massa Gana (3:37)
2Bongo Herman - Thunderstorm (3:17)
3The Abyssinians - Mabrak (3:49)
4Big Youth - I Pray Thee (2:49)
5Lloyd Charmers - Charming Version (3:31)
6Prince Far I - Wisdom (3:38)
7Bernard Collins - Satta Me No Born Yah (3:25)
8Dillinger - I Saw Esau (3:46)
9Tommy McCook - Mandela (3:36)
10Bernard Collins - Satta Don (3:37)
11U-Roy - Blessed (3:35)
12Luciano - Man Of Jah Order (3:43)
13Natural Black - Its A Joy (3:36)
14Yami Bolo - Conspiracy (3:36)
15Capleton - Dislocate (3:31)
16Tony Tuff - How Long (3:36)
17Ernest Ranglin - Ranglin Satta (3:40)
18Jah Mali - Cornerstone (3:44)
19Anthony B - Good And Bad (3:29)
20Dean Fraser - Dahina Dimps (3:36)
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