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Picture of cover for Yabby U - King Tubby's Prophesy of Dub

Yabby U
King Tubby's Prophesy of Dub

Roots master Vivian Jackson, also known as Yabby U, teams up with King Tubby to create mystical dub versions of some of his greatest songs, many of which were inspired by numerous readings of the Book of Revelations. The lavish 16-page CD booklet amplifies these apocalyptic themes to stunning effect. This album was long unavailable since its first and only limited edition release in 1976.

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1Version Dub
2Conquering Dub
3Jah Love Dub
4Anti-Christ Rock
5Beware of God
6Robber Rock
7Rock Vibration
8Zion is Here
9Hungering Dub
10Love and Peace
12Creations and Versions
13Living Style

What the press say:

The resolutely enigmatic Yabby U, driven to semi-retirement by illness, remains one of the reggae world's foremost prophets of the apocolypse. Best remembered for 'Deliver Me From My Enemies', his main forte is that of a fire and brimstone Rasatafarian preacher whose dark, choking vocal exhortations could scare the lives out of unbelievers. Excavated from 1976, this timely re-issue pitched him in a battle of production with the late King Tubby as they lay down the bluepints for dub reggae; a sparse, melodic and, unearthly collection of instrumentals to soundtrack the last days of mankind. Biblical books of Revelation and Psalms, extensive sleevenotes inform us, form the bedrock of Yabby U's worldview and his subsequent contribution to the black liberation struggle, so even without lyrics, you can tell where he's coming from. The bass/drum interface and loud hi-hat splashes that frame 'Version Dub' suggest something parched and ancient. And, as you delve deeper, past the searing horn motifs and organ swirls of 'Anti-Christ Rock' and 'Beware Of God', you'll feel as if the pulsing heart of the music was speaking to you. 'Hungering Dub', an organ drenched cut of 'Run Come Rally' just about sums up this fearsome approach, as the sweet melodies and half-heard, half-forgotten motifs, invite you to run away from the land of the sinking sun. Truly, '...Prophesy Of Dub' is a marvel. Dele Fadele - NME, January '95

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