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Picture of cover for Junior Byles and Friends - 129 Beat Street : Ja-Man Special 1975 - 1978

Junior Byles and Friends
129 Beat Street : Ja-Man Special 1975 - 1978

Classic roots and culture from the little-known but highly prized Ja-Man outfit. Superb selections from Junior Byles, Bim Sherman, Pablo Moses, U-Brown and Brigadier Jerry, all making their first appearance on CD.

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 One People Pablo Moses Sample! 

1Chant Down Babylon Junior Byles & Rupert Reid
2Know Where You're Going Junior Byles
3Pitchy-Patchy Junior Byles
4Remember Me Junior Byles & Rupert Reid
5See The Dread Deh Rupert Reid
6One People Pablo Moses
7Mighty Ruler Bim Sherman
8My Homeland Dave Robinson
9Wild Goose Race Brigadier Jerry
10See A Man's Face Neville Tate
11So Long U Brown

What the press say:

In America the releases of the Blood and Fire label from England have been received as something like the holy grail as most of this music - some of Jamaica's finest - was previously unavailable to anyone but diehard 7" fanatics, an increasingly internecine community of curmudgeons and control freaks that includes some of my best friends. Junior Byles and Friends - 129 Beat Street : Ja-Man Special 1975 - 1978 might seem like a cumbersome title, especially for a CD that has only four Junior Byles cuts, but they are four cuts previously available only on 7" and include the sublime "Remember Me" and the glorious "Pitchy Patchy" (and are generally offered in extended mixes that incorporate the B-side dub sections) so I'm not complaining. Bonus points offered for the inclusion of Pablo Moses' "One People" and Bim Sherman's "Mighty Ruler", both must-own knockout tracks and both also offered in extended mixes. Brigadier Jerry, U Brown (the subject of a previous Blood and Fire release) and Dave Robinson and Neville Tate, along with Rupert Reid who joins Byles on two cuts and offers his own "See The Dread Deh" round out the set. As always with this label the extensive and informative liner notes cover the subject, in this case the short-lived but productive Ja-Man label, with interview material, photos and graphics that add an extra dimension to the superb music. Chuck Foster, The Beat (USA), November - December 1998

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