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Picture of cover for Prince Alla - Only Love Can Conquer

Prince Alla
Only Love Can Conquer

A superb set showcasing the vocal talents of Prince Alla, the archetypal roots singer and ghetto sufferer. Voiced and mixed at King Tubby's studio by Scientist (who also contributes a couple of extended dub mixes) and Tubby himself. This compilation includes the original vocal cuts of 'Stone', 'Lot's Wife' and 'Bucket Bottom' which appeared in their dub versions on Freedom Sounds In Dub

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 They Never Love (in disco style) Sample! 

2I Don't Want To Be Late
3Only Love Can Conquer
4Sun Is Shining
5They Never Love (in disco style)
6Lot's Wife
7Bucket Bottom
8Mama No Fight
9City Without Pity
10Lady Deceiver
11Youthman In The Ghetto (in disco style)
12Black Rose (with Phillip Fraser)
13Their Reward
14Dread Locks Nazarine

What the press say:

Greenwich Farm rootsman Prince Allah resurfaced last year with an album for Jah Shaka, but his own peerless standards as committed Rastafarian singer/songwriter had been laid down as early as two decades ago, when he was recording almost exclusively for Freedom Sounds' Bertram Brown. The Best Of Prince Allah album that resulted from their collaboration has long been regarded as a reggae classic, and forms the basis of this Blood And Fire release. The differences will cause heart flutters amongst dedicated revival enthusiasts. They Never Love and Youthman In The Ghetto are both included in their full-length disco guises, each clocking in at over 7 minutes and produced by Anthony McClaren, aka Tony Mack, who also co-produced Lady Deceiver. The latter is one of six tracks that never figured on the Best Of album, but all feature genuine seventies rhythms from the mighty Soul Syndicate band led by Earl 'Chinna' Smith, and find the Rastaman at the height of his early powers. Sun Is Shining isn't the Wailers tune, but a song of praise voiced over a drunken rhythm, chivvied into focus by Chinna's spiky guitar. Mama Don't Fight could be considered twee if it weren't saved by Allah's cultural message, and Black Rose is duetted with fellow Greenwich Farm singer Phillip Fraser. The two remaining extras are CD bonus tracks only, and both are produced by Prince Allah together with one R. Lightbourne. Their Reward is a beautiful song and rides a rockers rhythm just like Dennis Brown was cruising to hit after hit over at the time this was made. There's a folksy, singalong quality to Dread Locks Nazarene that has me reaching for the fast-forward button, but the fact that we are being offered great value here is indisputable. Naturally the overall presentation is superb, everything designed, written and conceived with a careful eye for detail, and Allah's own little-heard story is told in full. And that's even without mentioning such classic cuts as Great Stone - check the awesome King Tubby dub mix on Blood And Fire's Freedom Sounds In Dub set - Lot's Wife, the evergreen Bucket Bottom, City Without Pity and then Only Love Can Conquer Itself. All on CD for the first time. John Masouri - Echoes, October '96

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