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Picture of cover for Linval Thompson - Ride On Dreadlocks 1975 - 77

Linval Thompson
Ride On Dreadlocks 1975 - 77

Linval Thompson is one of the founding fathers of modern Jamaican dancehall music, both as an artist and as a producer. 'Ride On Dreadlocks 1975 - 77' follows Linval's development from his first period of success, as a star singer in the Bunny Lee camp, to his first steps as a producer in his own right. All the songs included here feature extended mixes from King Tubby's studio and include roots classics like 'Long Long Dreadlocks', 'Jah Jah The Conqueror' and 'Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks', the latter featuring deejay legend U-Roy with a toast entitled 'Joyful Locks'. The roots of dancehall are here!

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 Can.t Stop Natty Dread Again (12" version) Sample! 

1Jah Jah The Conqueror (extended)
2Long Long Dreadlocks (extended)
3Ride On Dreadlocks (extended)
4Don.t Cut Off Your Dreadlocks/Joyful Locks/ (f U-Roy)
512 Tribes Of Israel (extended)
6Everybody Needs Money (extended)
7Don.t Try To Rob I (extended)
8Cool Down Your Temper (extended)
9A Big Big Girl (extended)
10Jah Jah Is I Guiding Star (extended)
11Can.t Stop Natty Dread Again (12" version)
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