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Picture of cover for Yabby You - Dub it to the Top 1976-1979

Yabby You
Dub it to the Top 1976-1979

This CD reissues the 1977 King Tubby-mixed LP 'Yabby You Meets Michael Prophet : Vocal & Dub' in its entirety, together with seven b-side dubs from Yabby's 45s of the period, and a 12" b-side featuring the late Tommy McCook. Read the sleeve notes for more...

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 Zambia Dub featuring Jah Walton 3:29 Sample! 

1Zambia 3:19
2Revolution Conference 3:24
3Zambia Dub featuring Jah Walton 3:29
4Steppin' High featuring Tommy McCook 5:17
5Vengeance in Dub 3:11
6Mount Zion Version 3:10
7Heads A Roll Dub 2:49
8Achieving in Dub 3:36
9No Tarry Yah Version 3:58
10Dub It To The Top 3:22
11Rock With Me Dub 3:00
12Turn Me Loose Dub 4:23
13Conscious Man Dub 4:14
14Mash Down Rome Dub 4:09
15Warn Them Jah Dub 3:47
16Humanity Dub 3:46
17Praise You Jah Jah Dub 3:42
18Tribal War Dub 3:52
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