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Picture of cover for Impact Allstars - Forward The Bass : Dub From Randy's 1972 - 1975

Impact Allstars
Forward The Bass : Dub From Randy's 1972 - 1975

Built around the extremely rare 'Randy's Dub' album this compilation showcases another side of dub. Mixed at the cutting edge studio of the early seventies by Errol 'ET' Thompson, Karl Pitterson and rebel producer Clive Chin this set features instru-dub selections with sterling contributions from the late Tommy McCook, In Crowd, Skin Flesh & Bones and the Wailers band.

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 Upbeat Version Sample! 

3Ordinary Version Chapter 3
4Extraordinary Version
5Wire Dub
6Shining Dub
7Easy Come Dub
8Dubwise Situation
9Last Of The Jestering
10Oh Jah Dub
11Sabotage In Dub
12S-Corner Dub
13Just Another Dub
14Upbeat Version
15Verdict In Dub

What the press say:

The latest Blood and Fire reissue makes available the extremely scarce Randy's Dub LP, originally issued in Jamaica in 1975 in a pressing limited to 200 copies. While conservative compared to later dub records, it was revolutionary in its time, thanks to engineer Errol "ET" Thompson, whose musical ear is evidenced by the tasteful way he adds and subtracts tracks in these crisp, stunning mixes. A Milwaukee connection exists here: a couple of tunes feature harmonica courtesy of Milwaukee bluesman Steve Wiest, although he is miscredited as "Chicago Steve" from Madison. Wiest was in Kingston in 1974, and performed with Toots & The Maytals and Inner Circle before heading home in '75. Bobby Tanzilo, Shepherd Express, Milwaukee (USA), August 1998

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