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Picture of cover for Dennis Brown - The Promised Land 1977-1979

Dennis Brown
The Promised Land 1977-1979

This set contains the entire 'Joseph's Coat Of Many Colours' album plus 7 additional tracks; 'Troubled World' and 'The Half' both in Discomix style, 'Want To Be No General' together with its deejay version 'General' by Ranking Dread, the title track 'Promised Land' and lastly two versions of 'Emmanuel God Is With Us' which book-end the album. Dennis is truly at the height of his powers on this entirely self-produced set.

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 Three Meals A Day 4:48 Sample! 

1Emmanuel God Is With Us extended 5:52
2Promised Land 2:20
3Well Without Water 4:13
4Open Your Eyes 3:39
5The Creator 3:53
6Troubled World 6:15
7The Half 6:09
8Oh What A Day 3:36
9Together Brothers 4:18
10A Cup Of Tea 3:13
11Slave Driver 3:38
12Three Meals A Day 4:48
13Man Next Door 3:54
14Want To Be No General 4:49
15General featuring Ranking Dread 5:01
16Home Sweet Home 4:12
17Emmanuel version 3:54
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