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Picture of cover for Willi Williams - Messenger Man

Willi Williams
Messenger Man

One of the great 'concept' albums of 1970s roots reggae, "Messenger Man" is reissued by Blood and Fire with extra dub versions to all tracks. Featuring a host of top-ranking musicians - the late Jackie Mittoo and Soul Syndicate members Fully Fullwood, Tony Chin and Santa Davis, star guitarist Carl Harvey and keyboard maestro Bobby Kalphat - in the backing band, Willi delivers his unique and totally seductive visions on this long-unavailable cult classic, in much the same style as his massive hit "Armagideon Time", which was famously covered by legendary punk rockers the Clash.

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1Messenger Man (4:46)
2Slave (5:16)
3Give Jah Praise (3:21)
4Dungeon (4:49)
5Zion Town (3:58)
6I Man (4:49)
7No Hiding Place (3:56)
8Valley Of Jehosephat (extended version) (6:58)
9Rocking Universally (Armagideon Style) (3:06)
10Messenger Man Version (5:04)
11Slave Dub (2:35)
12Give Jah Praise Version (3:21)
13Dungeon Dub (3:55)
14Zion Town Dub (4:26)
15I Man version (4:46)
16No Hiding Place version (3:01)
17Universal Dub (2:59)
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