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Picture of cover for The Chantells & Friends - Children Of Jah 1977 -1979

The Chantells & Friends
Children Of Jah 1977 -1979

Ten cuts in discomix style from producer Roy Francis's legendary Phase One label, featuring three tracks from vocal trio The Chantells, four superb songs from the Burning Spear-sounding Lopez Walker, plus contributions from The Terrors, Steve Baswell and Errol Davis. Phase One was a highly influentual label producing top quality roots music, often with relatively unknown artists. This release aims to bring these forgotten classics to a wider audience.

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 Natty Supper (6:11) The Chantells Sample! 

1Children Of Jah/Time To Unite (6:42) The Chantells & U-Brown
2Jah Jay New Garden (5:41) Lopez Walker
3Path I Have Taken (6:05) Errol Davis
4Assemble Not Thyself (6:34) The Terrors
5Send Another Moses (6:43) Lopez Walker
6Cool Rastaman Cool (8:00) Steve Boswell & Jah Berry
7Desperate Times (6:46) The Chantells
8Trial Days (6:06) Lopez Walker
9Natty Supper (6:11) The Chantells
10Fly Away (6:12) Lopez Walker
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