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Picture of cover for Ranking Joe - Zion High

Ranking Joe
Zion High

This compilation - based on Ranking Joe's 1980 vinyl LP 'Round The World' and featuring tracks with producer the late Dennis Brown and Black Uhuru - captures the 20-year old deejay at the peak of his dancehall dominance. It illustrates perfectly the dictum 'It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it', featuring the deejay in full flow over some of Dennis Brown's productions of the period. The Black Uhuru tracks, recorded with Sly and Robbie just before the group launched itself on its international career, have long been unavailable; these cuts - as with Dennis Brown's vocal on 'Bubbling Fountain' - are making their first appearance on CD in this compilation

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 Rent Man Style [3:32] Sample! 

1Zion High [4:15]
2Home Sweet Home version [3:46]
3Fire [3:49]
4Bubbling Fountain Dennis Brown [4:36]
5Love Jah [4:09]
6Round The World [4:11]
7Rent Man Black Uhuru [3:04]
8Rent Man Style [3:32]
9Carpenter [3:22]
10Wood For My Fire Black Uhuru [2:57]
11Wood For My Fire [3:12]
12A Cup Of Tea Dennis Brown [3:25]
13A Fish For You [2:24]
14Slave Driver Dennis Brown [3:36]
15Slave Driver [3:51]
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