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Picture of cover for Various Artists - Heavyweight 3 : A Blood and Fire Sampler

Various Artists
Heavyweight 3 : A Blood and Fire Sampler

Third in the 'Heavyweight Sound' sampler series this mid-price release comprises two selection each from Morwell Unlimited, Horace Andy, U Brown, Yabby You, Impact Allstars, Junior Byles & Friends and Johnny Clark, including the full-length discomixes of 'King Pharaoh`s Plague' and 'Pure Ranking'.

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 Morwell Unlimited 'Morwell's Theme' Sample! 

1Johnny Clarke 'Every Knee Shall Bow'
2Impact Allstars 'S-Corner Dub'
3U Brown 'News To The Nation'
4Vivian Jackson and The Prophets 'Love Of Jah'
5Junior Byles 'Pitchy Patchy'
6Morwell Unlimited 'Morwell's Theme'
7Horace Andy 'Don't Let Problems Get You Down'
8Impact Allstars featuring Tommy McCook 'Jaro'
9Johnny Clarke 'Age Is Growing'
10U Brown 'Live As One'
11The Prophets and Trinity 'King Pharaoh's Plague
12Bim Sherman 'Mighty Ruler'
13Morwell Unlimited 'Jungle Shuffle'
14Horace Andy 'Pure Ranking (Discomix)'

What the press say:

Much kudos should go to Mick Hucknall and his compatriots at this Manchester label for keeping the home fires of '70s reggae burning. To introduce bona fide singers like Johnny Clarke and Vivian Jackson and an old-time toaster called Trinity to a new audience is a laudable quest, despite generational differences. Necessary or evil? It might be more advisable to track down the full albums of the featured artists, but then the sampler does do its avowed job - offering a crash course on the label's licensing prowess. Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 27 March 1999

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