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Picture of cover for U Brown - Train To Zion

U Brown
Train To Zion

Blood and Fire's re-appraisal of 70's DJ style continues with U-Brown in full flight at King Tubby's. Includes the full length discomix of 'Train To Zion' featuring Linval Thompson.

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 Bits Of Paper (discomix) Sample! 

1Watch This People
2The Big Licking Stick
3Natty Hold The Handle
4Let Love Shine Along The Way
5Watch What Is Going On
6News To The Nation
7Stop Them Jah
8Live As One
9Too Much
10Satta Dread Style
11Jah Give Me Strength
12Train To Zion (discomix with Linval Thompson)
13Bits Of Paper (discomix)
14Nuh Kill Fi Dunza (extended)
15Hard Times (extended)

What the press say:

Blood and Fire, perhaps the premier reggae reissues label, hasn't concentrated on the big names on the ladder of collectable '70s reggae acts. Huford "U" Brown rates somewhere below halfway. But Brown's work is here on merit; a capable, fluid reggae-rapper in the U Roy mould (Brown replaced him on King Tubby's Hi-Fi and has since also adopted a more modern dancehall approach) given the right rhythms to work on, he was a top-drawer talent. And the 15 backing tracks on Train To Zion are classic mid-'70s reggae rockers. Behind Brown's lightly skipping rhymes lurk snatches of some of reggae's greatest singers: Cornell Campbell, Johnnie Clarke and Linval Thompson, a drop of sweet rain amid the dub thunder. U Brown's riding of the warped King Tubby's studio mixes is a trip on the disorient express: reserve a seat for yourself. Ian McCann, Q Magazine (UK), October 1997

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