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Picture of cover for Ja-Man Allstars - In The Dub Zone

Ja-Man Allstars
In The Dub Zone

This release combines two late 1970s dub albums produced by Manzie 'Ja-Man' Swaby that are very hard to find in their original form. This reissue is comprised of the whole of the 'Ja-Man Dub' and 'King's Dub' albums plus 4 bonus cuts taken from 45s which Manzie issued during the same period. Manzie himself has written the booklet notes which give a unique insight into the creation of this authentic roots music.

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 Censemania Dub (3:09) Sample! 

1Dub Zone (2:37)
2Dangerman Version (2:23)
3Herb Cutter (4:22)
4Dread Nut Chalice (3:17)
5Well Black (2:37)
6Fire Bun (3:24)
7Half Ounce (3:01)
8Big Spliff (3:25)
9Rasta Feeling (3:18)
10Bush Weed (3:18)
11Don't Get Crazy (2:03)
12Weak Heart Drop (3:12)
13Blood Version (2:59)
14King's Dub (3:21)
15Nuclear Bomb (3:46)
16Poor Man Skank (3:06)
17Censemania Dub (3:09)
18Hotter Claps (2:58)
19East Man Skank (3:22)
20West Man Skank (3:29)
21Higher Ranking Dub (3:27)
22Hot Steppers Dub (3:16)
23Downtown Rubadub (3:34)
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