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Picture of cover for King Tubby & Friends - Dub Like Dirt 1975 - 1977

King Tubby & Friends
Dub Like Dirt 1975 - 1977

Released to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the pioneer mix-master`s tragic murder. This set gathers sixteen Bunny Lee - produced cuts played by the Aggrovators and dubbed up in fine style by King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Prince Phillip and Pat Kelly. Tough drum and bass-driven riddims, fragments of vocals and horns, all saturated with reverb and delay. Dub the way it should be, from the place where it all began - King Tubby`s legendary studio.

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 Bag A Wire Dub Sample! 

1Tubby Get Smart
2Guidance Dub
3Chapter of Money
4Bag A Wire Dub
5Dub Ites Green & Gold
6Stealing Version
7Beat Them In Dub
8Thunder Rock
9How Long Dub
10Dub Investigation
11Sly Want Dub
12Everybody Needs Dub
13Horn For I
14Six Million Dollar Version
15Dub Is My Occupation
16Fatter Dub

What the press say:

Dub Like Dirt brings together sixteen seminal reggae cuts mixed by Prince Jammy, Prince Phillip, Pat Kelly and the original pioneer of dub, King Tubby, to commemorate his murder ten years ago. Lazy drum 'n' bass rhythms, vocals, horns, and lashings of reverb and delay combine to create an album which is as ageless now as the day each track was created, making it hard to believe that it was all done without the aid of computers on a four-track studio board. No dub fan will be able to resist this epoch-making work from the founders of the genre. Flipside (UK), 3 April 1999

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