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Picture of cover for Dennis Brown Presents Prince Jammy - Umoja / 20th Century DEBwise

Dennis Brown Presents Prince Jammy
Umoja / 20th Century DEBwise

Making their debut on CD, the two overlooked dub albums collected on this release celebrate the meeting at King Tubby's studio of the late Dennis Brown - in his role as producer as well as vocalist - and legendary mixing engineer Prince Jammy. Jammy works his subtle magic with 20 of the Crown Prince's superb productions of the late 1970s, including dubs to his own 'The Half' and 'Troubled World', alongside stripped down mixes of rhythms used by such as Junior Delgado, Lennox Brown and the Tamlins. This release adds a bonus dub to Dennis 'General', making a playing time of over 75 minutes. DEBwise dub in full effect.......

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 Cops Spy (3:59) Sample! 

1Cool Runnings (3:05)
2Sounds Almighty (3:23)
3Umoja (3:43)
4Guidance (2:45)
5The Truth (2:46)
6Cry Of The Destitute (3:11)
7Mercy For The Needy (2:17)
8Something Special (2:47)
9Sons Of Dust (2:42)
10Structure (2:59)
11Cops Spy (3:59)
12Ting A Ling Style (3:50)
13Great Man Called Kenyatta (4:46)
14Thunder (4:08)
15Dancing In The Streets (4:06)
16Riot In The Streets (3:45)
17Open The Gate Of Rhodesia (4:36)
18Robbery In The City (3:45)
19Murder (3:25)
20Ragga Muffin Style (4:01)
21General Version (4:52)
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