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Picture of cover for Yabby You - Jesus Dread (2-CD)

Yabby You
Jesus Dread (2-CD)

47 cuts of prime seventies roots music from Yabby You and the Prophets, plus guests Big Youth, Dillinger, Tommy McCook, Agustus Pablo, Michael Rose, Trinity, Wayne Wade and Tappa Zukie.

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1Love Thy Neighbour Vivian Jackson and the Defenders
2Conquering Lion Vivian Jackson and the Ralph Brothers
3Fisherman Special Tommy McCook and Don D. Jnr
4Yabby Youth Big Youth and Vivian Jackson
5Big Youth Fights Against Capitalism King Tubby's
6Covetous Men Vivian Jackson and the Prophets
7Run Come Rally Vivian Jackson and the Prophets
8Rally Dub Upsetter Mix
9Anti-Christ Vivian Jackson and the Prophets
10God is Watching You Dicky Burton
11Pablo Dread in a Red Augustus Pablo and Vivian Jackson
12King Tubby's Rock King Tubby's
13Warn the Nation The Prophets
14Honey Dub King Tubby's
15Carnal Mind Vivian Jackson and the Prophets
16Love of Jah Vivian Jackson and the Prophets
17Love of Jah version King Tubby's
18The Man who does the Work Vivian Jackson and The Prophets
19Jah Vengeance Vivian Jackson and the Sons of Jah
20Revenge Tommy McCook
21Freshly Dillinger
22Natty Dread on the Mountain Top Tappa Zukie
23Gwan and Lef' Me Trinity
24Tubby's Vengeance King Tubby's
25Death Trap Tommy McCook
26Man of the Living Wayne Wade
27King Tubby Special King Tubby's
28Lord of Lords Wayne Wade
29Lord Dub King Tubby's
30Chant Jah Victory Errol Alphonso
31Jah Victory Dub King Tubby's
32Walls of Jerusalem Vivian Jackson and the Prophets
33Jerusalem Dub King Tubby's
35Plague of Horn Tommy McCook
36King Pharaoh Dub King Tubby's
37Jesus Dread Trinity meets Dillinger
38Chant Down Babylon Kingdom discomix The Prophets and Trinity
39Chanting Dub King Tubby's
40Hornsman Chant Tommy McCook
41Fire in a Kingston Vivian Jackson and the Prophets
42Fire Dub King Tubby's
43Judgement on the Land Vivian Jackson and the Prophets
44Repatriation Rock King Tubby's
45Deliver Me from My Enemies Vivian Jackson and the Prophets
46Born Free discomix Michael Rose
47Love Thy Neighbour version King Tubby'

What the press say:

This double-CD collection of the output of Yabby You (aka Vivian Jackson) is yet another example of the high standards that dub label Blood and Fire apply to every one of their reggae reisssues. On this collection the tracks are divided into two sub-categories. The first, Conquering Lion Style, includes the full album of that name along with some additional cuts. The second is entitled Chanting Style. All but a few of the tracks are produced by Jackson himself, and feature guest spots from such reggae luminaries as Tappa Zukie, Dillinger, Augustus Pablo and Michael Rose. They almost uniformly showcase Jackson's talents to great effect, both on the vocal and instrumental cuts. What I'm trying to say here is that this collection is prime-time reggae. Jackson stood apart from many of his contemporaries; as he says himself, "Dem use to deal with Ras Tafari, an' I deal with Jah through Jesus Christ". He took much of his lyrical inspiration from Biblical sources, such as the Revelation of St. John from the New Testament. Obviously, in lyrical terms, this is a far more personal approach to take than that favoured by most other reggae artists, but in no way does it detract from the music. Indeed, the opposite is the case. There are so many impressive cuts on this 47-track collection that it's difficult to single any out, but 'Pablo Dread In A Red' and 'Love Thy Neighbour' both hit the spot for me. The latter track opens the first CD, and by itself would serve as the perfect introduction to this unimpeachable collection. This is an essential purchase for anyone interested in 1970s reggae, and is also an invaluable masterclass in the studio experimentation that would become the backbone of so much dance music more than a decade later. Stephen Rapid, Hot Press (Ireland), January 1998

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