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Picture of cover for Prince Alla & Junior Ross - I Can Hear The Children Singing 1975 - 1978

Prince Alla & Junior Ross
I Can Hear The Children Singing 1975 - 1978

This release combines two of Tappa Zukies' best 1970s productions, the Prince Alla Lp 'Heaven Is My Roof' and the Junior Ross & the Spear set 'Babylon Fall'. Appearing for the first time on cd, the music herein exmplifies all that is good in 1970s roots reggae - deeply felt chant-based vocals, set on superbly played rhythms that complement the graceful simlpicity of the songs. For this reissue, both original Lps have been augmented by selected dubs of certain songs, along with two of producer-deejay Tappa Zukie's energising toasts.

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 So Jah Jah Say extended (5:20) Sample! 

1Bosrah extended (5:51)
2Funeral extended (6:39)
3Go Down In Silence (3:16)
4Slave Master (3:48)
5Gold Diver (3:19)
6Heaven Is My Roof (3:23)
7Daniel (In The Lions' Den) 12" mix (6:42)
8Black Man 12" mix featuring Tappa Zukie (7:14)
9Jah Jah Bird (3:21)
10Go To School (3:21)
11Just One Way (3:07)
12Judgement Time extended (5:33)
13Man From Zion (2:51)
14Send Me Over There 12" mix (6:02)
15Bow Down Babylon 12" mix (4:08)
16You Can't Run (2:26)
17Rough Way Ahead (2:55)
18Jah Love extended (5:39)
19Liberty (2:46)
20Freedom Fe Natty featuring Tappa Zukie (2:55)
21African Border (2:57)
22So Jah Jah Say extended (5:20)
23Hold Them Prophecy extended (5:42)
24Babylon Fall extended (6:04)
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